ENFP, Enneagram 7, Storyteller.

First off, thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm sure you're busy so I'll keep it short.

To clarify, ENFP  is a personality type (Myers Briggs), as is the Enneagram 7 . I find that they help provide a brief snapshot of my personality and values. Now for a little about me!

I grew up in Santa Fe, and if you’re homeschooled like I was, you learn how to make your own fun. So I started avidly consuming Youtube tutorials, event planning, selling vintage at flea markets, and video editing. All of this led me to move to Nashville to pursue a computer science degree with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Now that I’ve graduated, I am a freelance developer for various companies, the host and mastermind behind a storytelling event series, and intern at WELD, a co-working space. Forever a student at heart, I’m still absorbing tutorials and stretching my skills every day.

Belmont University

On my birthday, August 16th, 2013, I arrived on Belmont's campus. Almost four years later, Belmont was the home of the most intensive period of growth I've had. With a major in computer science and a minor in entrepreneurship, Belmont has fostered a my mind to think technically, with a heavy emphasis on practicality. Beyond just my core classes, the dual credits received in high school enabled me to take the classes I really wanted to take, such as Web Design and Interactive Media.

Belmont University's site

The Story House

Back in the May of 2014, I held an event called The Story House.  The idea was simple, a night of storytelling where people could tell their stories with song, poetry, or simply spoken. It's now grown into a monthly event built on an honest, diverse, and caring community.

In the past couple years, we have:

  • Held collaborative events with bands and non-profits.
  • Printed a small coloring book filled with pictures and stories.
  • Given away hundreds of buttons, gallons of tea, and dozens upon dozens of baked goods.
  • Laughed and cried in equal proportions.
See a video from The Story House

Recognitions and awards

Awwwards.com Site Of The Day (Nomination)

  • During the design process of my portfolio site, I would check Awwwards daily for inspiration. When I completed my site, I decided to take the risk of submitting it to the same site I had admired for years at that point. I was honored to be a nominee for Site Of The Day.
Awwwards Site 

Distributed Health Blockchain Hackathon (Grand Prize)

  • After 24 grueling hours, gallons of sub-par coffee, and more than a few roadblocks, our team of 5 had completed a proof of concept for a supply chain tracking software using blockchaining technology. It was the winning project of the event.
See the project 

DesignNominees.com Site Of The Day (Won)

  • About a month after submitting my site to be voted on and considered for their Site Of The Day, I received an email saying that I had won that exact honor!
Design Nominees Site 

Unsplash Featured Photographer (2 times)

  • During my summers as the photographer and videographer for Glorieta Camps, I submitted some work to the stock photo site Unsplash. I was fortunate enough to be featured 2 times and to have my images downloaded over 185,000 times and viewed over 15,000,000 times.
My Unsplash profile 

Alpaca Handling State Champ (2 times)

  • Now this one is a little harder to explain, but I worked on an alpaca farm from the ages 12-18, and we took the animals to the state fair. They had obstacle courses you would take your animal through, and I won two years in a row. Still the coolest thing I've done.
A picture of an alpaca