I create solutions to people's problems.

I'm a web designer, web developer, and storyteller.

My name is Austin Ban, and I live in the beautiful city of Nashville, TN. Most of my time is spent in pursuit of beautiful code, good food, close friends, storytelling, and finding ways to combine them all.

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I built the full site and dashboard for ClassNav

The main hurdle in this project came in the form of content organization. The dashboard aspect of this project required creating a GUI with variable fields that was self-explanatory to a group of uninformed volunteers.

Read about it ClassNav App's Site

I designed Veripharm in a blockchain hackathon

After 24 grueling hours, gallons of sub-par coffee, and more than a few roadblocks, our team of 5 had completed a proof of concept for a supply chain tracking software using blockchaining technology. It was the winning project of the hackathon.

Read about it See the project 

I'm a contract developer for Venture360

I started contract developing with Venture360 while still in school. This work has been pretty demanding, but it’s taught me the tools of the trade, how to operate effectively within a team, and the importance of crystal-clear communication.

Read about it Venture360's Site

I'm super glad you're here! Here are some fun factoids about my past and present self so you can get to know me a little better.



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