Developer. Hobbiest. Very homeschooled.

First off, thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm sure you're busy so I'll keep it short.

I grew up in the desert landscape of Santa Fe, and if you’re homeschooled like I was, you learn how to make your own fun. So I started avidly consuming Youtube tutorials, event planning, selling vintage at flea markets, video editing, and working with alpaca farms.

All of these ventures showed me the joy of taking an idea and turning it into reality. I was bitten by that bug and couldn't ever go back. Because of this, I wanted to develop a skill to build intricate and useful things, and then the knowledge to make those things into a business. This manifested as a degree in computer science, with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Now I work as a frontend developer, merging intuitive design with smart code. My work has gained me a reputation within my workplace as someone competent in predicting user confusion, and adjusting designs to ensure a smooth experience. Using my history of graphic design and video editing, I have also become the go-to person for animations and touches of delight.


I live nestled in the dense woods of the Smoky Mountains along with my wife, 1 human daughter, 2 cat daughters, and 9 chicken daughters. We love our home with a passion and spend our time dabbling in gardening, reading books, acting like we don't care about the newest season of The Bachelor, and taking the time to live slowly.

This past year has also brought on my hobby of making kitchen knives out of my home shop! I have found that knife making is a perfect outlet for my obsessive personality and mild pyromania.

My Knife Hobby

Recognitions and awards. Site Of The Day (Nomination)

  • During the design process of my portfolio site, I would check Awwwards daily for inspiration. When I completed my site, I decided to take the risk of submitting it to the same site I had admired for years at that point. I was honored to be a nominee for Site Of The Day.
Awwwards Site 

Distributed Health Blockchain Hackathon (Grand Prize)

  • After 24 grueling hours, gallons of sub-par coffee, and more than a few roadblocks, our team of 5 had completed a proof of concept for a supply chain tracking software using blockchaining technology. It was the winning project of the event.
See the project Site Of The Day (Won)

  • About a month after submitting my site to be voted on and considered for their Site Of The Day, I received an email saying that I had won that exact honor!
Design Nominees Site 

Unsplash Featured Photographer (2 times)

  • During my summers as the photographer and videographer for Glorieta Camps, I submitted some work to the stock photo site Unsplash. I was fortunate enough to be featured 2 times and to have my images downloaded over 185,000 times and viewed over 15,000,000 times.
My Unsplash profile 

Alpaca Handling State Champ (2 times)

  • Now this one is a little harder to explain, but I worked on an alpaca farm from the ages 12-18, and we took the animals to the state fair. They had obstacle courses you would take your animal through, and I won two years in a row. Still the coolest thing I've done.
A picture of an alpaca